Factorio Blueprint Database


A community driven resource database for the video game Factorio


Factorio is a construction and management simulation game where a player aims to build up their factory output to eventually launch a rocket into space.

factorio rocket

Due to the vast and complicated construction possibilities inside Factorio, the game provides players with ‘blueprints’, which are basically save-able presets that let players ‘copy & paste’ parts of a factory. Sharing these blueprints are quite popular within the Factorio community.

When I got started with the game and attempted to search online for some blueprints, the available ‘blueprint databases’ left much to be desired. Between the lack of search, filtering, interactivity, design, etc, I saw a great opportunity to improve the experience and offer the community an alternative.

Open source

I teamed up with a few other developers (@teoxoy & @richardsondev) who were also Factorio fans and we started the open source project. My role was the design and assistance with the front-end implementation (Svelte).

Design Mockups

homepage mockup
> Homepage mockup
blueprint view mockup
> Blueprint mockup

More to come

I got married in the middle of this project and it’s currently on pause. We hope to resume in the near future!

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